When To Call In The Plumber: 5 Situations

Checking your water meter valve or cleaning the showerhead to fix a problem with low water pressure is just one of the plumbing repairs it’s possible to carry out yourself. And buying a new trap or tightening up the trap you already have under your bathroom or kitchen sink is a fairly easy solution to the problem of a leaking tap. It isn’t surprising that many homeowners actually wonder how they would know when to call the plumber in, especially with all these do it yourself easy fixes.

A Leak In the Rapid Water Supply Line

Although a burst water line isn’t as common as you might think, when it does happen it’s instinctive to call the plumber, as it really can cause serious flooding in your house and act quickly is important.

Look for a knob style or knife style cut off valve that is located close to where the water is leaking; if you find that it won’t shut off water to your entire home, just the leak. Turning off the main water shut off valve is your next step if you can’t find the local valve, and only then should you call a plumber.

No Water

You probably won’t experience no water flowing to your entire house; it’s more likely to be in one local area, such as around the shower or bathroom sink.

Verify that none of the water outlets in your home are receiving water, including the hot water supply as well as the cold. The cold side may still be functioning as it should, even if you aren’t getting any hot water because of a problem with the heater.

It can potentially be serious if you still aren’t getting any running water. The leak may be focused around the water meter, or you may have water being diverted away from your home due to a burst water pipe in the street outside.

Rapid Drainage Line Leak

Even with basic materials and tools, most homeowners can successfully fix a leak in the trap directly below your bathroom or kitchen sink, by replacing the trap. You’ll need to crawl about under the sink, having first turned off the water. And you may need to replace your garbage disposal if it’s there where the leak is located.

However, you will need to act quickly, which probably means calling a plumbing expert if a drainage line is leaking and you can’t access it, as it’s hidden under the floor or behind a wall. A leak like this can potentially damage your subfloor, paint, drywall, and floor covering and calling in an expert plumber is really the only way to tackle the issue.

Sewer Line Leak Or Gaseous Odor

Mushy soil or pools of smelly and dirty water in your yard are often the first signs that you have a blocked or broken sewer line. If your bathtub or sink fills with wastewater or your toilet fills up when you turn on the taps in the sink, it may also mean the dreaded blocked sewer line. It can take you several days of hard work to locate the blocked line, dig it up and replace it and clearly, this is one of those occasions when it pays to call in the plumber.

Your home basically isn’t going to function efficiently and safely until you fix a blocked or broken sewer line, as it’s the only line that disposes of the wastewater from your bath, dishwasher, shower, and toilet.

A sewer line video inspection may be needed to identify the source of the problem, and as most homeowners aren’t able to do this, it makes it important to call in a good plumbing company to fix the problem. The line may need to be dug up and replaced if it is broken and just can’t be fixed, although sometimes the blockage can be eliminated by using a motorized drain snake.

Natural Gas Leak In Your Water Heater

A stove that hasn’t been lit but has been turned on is sometimes the obvious reason for smelling natural gas in your house. If you need to call in a plumber, always open the windows and doors before doing so if you can’t find the source of the gas, or you can’t turn it off.

Your gas water heater itself may be causing the gas leak. On many newer heaters, the pilot light heats the flame sensor or thermocouple, which serves as a signal to keep the gas flowing. The thermocouple is shut off if the pilot light goes out; it’s a built-in safety feature to prevent the dead pilot light from causing a build-up of the harmful gas.

So keep in mind you shouldn’t be smelling gas around the area where your water heater is located, and you may need to call in a plumber immediately if you do. The flexible or rigid pipes that connect to the heater may have developed a leak, or there may be a problem with the thermocouple. In short, if you aren’t sure, and you can’t fix it yourself, your local plumbing expert can help.

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